Monday, May 15, 2006

Long time no posts...

Damn! I seem to have forgot that i have a blog where i used to post regularly... Off late i have been so lazy to post to this blog, it's been almost a month since i wrote in a post.

All these days, i was a bit loaded with work at office and also had a throat infection... maybe this is why i sometimes forgot that i had a blog!

Frankly not feeling like working today after the long weekend (i made it long myself, i was on vacation on 11th and 12th may 2006). Last Thursday and Friday i was roaming around in a place called "Bellary" which had hit very hot temperatures of 45°. I sweated like never before. One of my friends named Raghunandan Desai whose native is Bellary had messaged me...

The conversation :

He : How is Bellary?
Me : Hot...
He : Bcoz u r hot!

damn... i was suffering from the extreme temperatures and this guy was cracking jokes!

Started back from there on Friday night by bus... The journey was quite ok, but my throat infection had turned into severe cough by the time i reached home in the morning... courtesy of my neighbors in the bus who left their windows open throughout the journey, through which the cold winds managed to creep in!

Saturday and Sunday was utter turmoil. Spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping! Bunked my Carnatic Vocal classes on Saturday due to sleep! managed to attend classes on Sunday but again spent most time at home sleeping.

Saw 3 movies in the past 4 days. All 3 were Hindi movies. Aksar, which had a good plot and deserves viewing once at least, Gangster which was nothing different with same old story lines, and Taxi No.9211 which was a comedy, and also the best among all these movies i watched over this long weekend. Fortunately for me, a lover of music, all these movies had very good songs.