Sunday, July 30, 2006

First encounter with Dream A Dream...

Since i heard about Dream A Dream I had always wanted to get involved with atleast some activity with them whenever i had some time to spend. Finally i got a chance to work with DaD(read Dream a Dream) when i got involved with their Dream Computer Program :)

In Short, Dream Computer Program exposes the kids attending the training to basics of computers. As an initial step, we(around 13 people - Me[Ranganath], Vikram Rai, Vikram Balakrishna, Sridevi, Satheesh, Tanu Niwas, Bhavya, Yashwanth, Vijayan, Jason, Srikanth, Avardhan and Devendra) all attended an Orientation session on how to teach in this program, on 10th June 2006, by Dr. Rajkumar Rao.

The orientation session was great and we all had a great learning experience attending it. Also got some fundaes from Shashank Gupta, the Co-Ordinator of the Dream Computer Program ;)

I am now indeed very happy that i got a chance to share the Dream :)


Nirek said...

wow. happy to hear abt ur feeling on DaD computer program! will wait for ur narration on ur session and ananya visit too.