Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Kishore Da...

I am very depressed that i could not post this yesterday due to a technical problem at my internet service provider's place which kept me offline for about almost 36 hours.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Kishore Da!

Duniya Kehthaa Hain Mujhko Paagal, Main Kehtha Hoon Duniya Ko Paagal. - Kishore Da

(Rough Translation : The world calls me mad and crazy, I call the world mad and crazy)

Yesterday, 4th August, 2006, was the 77th Birthday of the immortal singer Kishore Kumar better known as Kishore Da amongst the millions of fanatics around the world including me ;). Kishore Da a name synonymous with powerhouse left a great landmark in history of Indian film music.

He was versatile genius. An excellent singer, a great comedian, director, producer, composer. He excelled in whatever he took on and was an enigma.

Believe me when i say Kishre Da is my GURU, my inspiration and my idol, and even today, most songs i can sing fully are the songs sung by Kishore Da, Frankly speaking, i cannot sing anything well other than Kishore Da's songs.

He was a charmer, a legend. He had a very very charismatic personality, and i believe when people say he could make anyone burst into laughter in a moment with his actions. See the various moods of him below, and i bet you too will believe it!

The Various Moods of the Charmer...

An Indian Stamp Issued in 2003 in Commemoration of the Legend.