Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Phenomenon called YAARI

Social Networking Rocks!

Here's an excerpt from a comment i left on the blog of a social networking site called Yaari

Social networks will become an inseparable part of people who are hooked onto internet, as of now, the net is drawing more and more people towards it… People will definitely get in once they start recognizing the awesome power and usefulness of social networks (for example, i started orkutting more after i got in touch with school friends with whom i had lost contact for past 8 years)…

Yaari is a new entrant in the whole plethora of social networking sites out there! None of these sites were interesting to me after i came across ORKUT! But Yaari is a different story! I am hooked to Yaari since the time i joined, It has cool fresh look and feel with vibrant colors and guess what, The interface is done in AJAX! Rearranging page elements is as easy as it can get!

Will write more on Yaari sometime later... try it hands on!


L2H said...

Yaari doesn't seem so Pyaari anymore.

Yaari = Spam = Making Indian start-ups look like...spammers.

Others who agree:

Yaari can do great things, but they really need to stop the spam. You are getting alot of haters. They should let us voice our opinion...and put their blog back up.

-love to hate.

Don said...

Yup, that's true now... but wasn't the case when i wrote this post :)