Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fly me to the moon 3D

Watched Fly me to the Moon in 3D at INOX Malleshwaram with friends some days back. Lots of stuff to entertain in 3D, at times it looked better than movies that were originally made in 3D as opposed to converting an old 2D movie into 3D. 

The movie is a good entertainer and is all about how 3 flies fly to the moon aboard the spacecraft sent on a lunar landing mission :)

The movie also has one of the poorest jokes i have ever heard :P The joke goes something similar to the lines below

Grand Pa: Out of the 5 flies, 3 were women and 2 were men!
Junior Flies: How do you know grandpa?
Grand Pa: Simple! 2 were on vehicles and 3 were on Phone!

I ever tell you I once flew across
the Atlantic Ocean with Amelia Earhart?

About a hundred times.

You wanna hear it
a hundred and one times?

Sure. I love that story, Grandpa.