Monday, May 10, 2010

Wanna go dirt biking? Go to places where BBMP contractors conduct any work...

Rode straight into a huge mud pile tonight while riding back from office i was almost close to home on the service road stretch from Ganganagar to Hebbal!

Courtesy : The morons who were contracted to fill up the dividers between the highway and the service roads with mud who decided to leave the mud pile without any kind of notification board or any barricades! And these piles were lying there for at least 3-4 days without anyone attending to them.

The road was so low on lighting that the pile appeared as road till just a meter away from it! Luckily i escaped with a minor bruise on the right leg, thanks to the crash guard on my bike and stayed without tripping off from the bike.

At least to save the citizens, BBMP has to order these contractors to urge them to barricade or at least put a sign board or a reflector board or it has to itself put the following board at places which it conducts any kind of work across Bangalore.

Though writing on a bad note, i am happy i have resumed blogging :D