Monday, January 08, 2007

"Agent Smith"s on ORKUT!

Remember the character Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy? The character who has thousands of clones!

Just cited the reference above since i remembered it immediately when a strange incident occurred recently to me! (This post was to be written a couple of months ago, but i am posting it now due to lack of time then!)

Someone had created a fake profile of mine in ORKUT! The fake profile was an exact clone of my profile! and the only difference was the number of friends!

He/She, whoever it is, was very clever and had already started adding all the people on my friends list!

I did not come to know this till some of my friends started asking me why another profile when i already had one! They thought it was me who created the profile and thought it was one of those pranks which i casually did!

I was taken for shock when i saw the fake profile, luckily he/she had not abused anyone using it, else there was a chance that i would have been mistaken by my friends.

I decided to get rid of that profile immediately, sent out a mail to all my friends to report it as a fake profile. I also did the needful from my side by lodging a complaint on "Impersonation" in ORKUT.

Surprisingly fast enough, By next day morning, the profile was gone!

Now i do regular checks on orkut to find any so called clones or fake profiles of myself, which i suggest to all my friends since anything can be done and end of day, you will be held responsible since it was done on your name!

On a last note, getting a profile deleted in orkut is not that easy! Since i had a huge circle of friends(close to 700) i could do it easily! ORKUT has some threshold to decide if the profile is actually a fake one, if you don't get it reported to that level, you cant get the fakes deleted, so better be careful!

The best thing about being me is that there are so many of me.
-Agent Smith


Darnell Clayton said...

Great Post! Ironically, I discovered an Orkut clone of myself too!

I reported it to Google, but from your testimony it looks as if they are deleting these a lot faster than they were before.


I linked to your post (I hope you don't mind). :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I, too, found an Orkut clone of myself, and this person is promoting a hate website. They have asked me to file a written complaint with a copy of my photo ID which I have sent to them.