Wednesday, January 03, 2007

India Shining... Really....

I feel India is finally getting the global recognition it deserves, in all or at least most aspects. India in itself is like a prototype of the whole world given the heritage of India, and the diverse culture of people living in the country.

One best thing happening is that even Indian festivals are being celebrated and recognized globally, I guess Google which morphs it's logo on the search page for festivals finally made up it's mind to celebrate Indian festivals also and the results were not only seen on their search page, but surprisingly on ORKUT which is also owned by Google!

The orkut logo above was put up on orkut home page during Diwali/Deepavali, the festival of lights, which is the most eye catching festival celebrated in India from ages.

I felt this example suits the shine! since the festival of lights is very significant since it represents the reign of light over darkness.

Highlighting such things on community and social networking sites is great! It helps people understand each other's culture and the significance of the celebrations, which helps them value each others beliefs and interact better.

This is just one of the thousands of reasons to celebrate... India is really shining this decade, and the world has slowly started realizing the potential of India.

I hope the new year has a lot in store for India, hope we get more global recognition and acclaim, and hope India will continue to be the best place it has always been.

On a last note, many people may not agree with me on my views about India, but my personal feeling tells me that India is the greatest and If I achieve something, i will do it in India. There's often a complaint from people who left India that talent is not valued, but the paradigm is changing and India is getting better on these things day by day, finally people are waking up and things are changing the way they should. I feel the day is not far.

PS : this was a long pending post and it has spent almost a couple of months in the drafts folder :)... i wanted to post this during the festival itself... but still, better late than never :) and New year is the next best occasion to celebrate :)

Maa Tujhe Salaam!
(Rough translation : Mother, I Salute You!)