Monday, January 22, 2007

Java Application Code Now Open Sourced

"I want to put one nagging item to rest. By admitting that one of the strongest motivations to select the GPL (Gnu Public License, chosen by Sun for the Open Source version of Java software) was the announcement made last week by Novell and Microsoft, suggesting that free and open source software wasn't safe unless a royalty was being paid. As an executive from one of those companies said, 'free has to have a price.' That's nonsense," said Sun President, Jonathan Schwartz.

At Sun, free means free. Open source software makes the Solaris OS the safe, strategic choice for commercial and development use. You can learn more about Sun's commitment to the Open Source community and how it opens doors for you in this month's edition of Tech Corner.

In May of 2006 Sun took a big step. They promised to theTech Corner audience at the JavaOne conference and the global Java development community that they would open source Sun's implementation of the Java technology platform. In the pursuing months, Sun has disclosed crucial details about their open source Java software program progress. And they have addressed the most important question of all - Why open source the Java application code now? Read More.