Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 1 - Morning - The journey begins...

Started off from home at 11:00AM with my trekking bag, which i felt was far more comfortable to carry than those with trolleys! Took an Auto Rickshaw and blazed through the bangalore outer ring road towards the Airport.

It was one heck of a ride! I felt like i was on a roller coaster for the whole hour i spent in the auto! Reached airport by 12:20PM, the airport staff had already made an announcement that the flight would be delayed by an hour and half.

Somehow managed to check in the luggage early. The guy at the so called Tele Checkin counter uttered in an exciting voice, "You Have Got A Window Sir!", like windows were something great! (actually the word "window/s" irritates me when i think of Micra$haft!). Later, that is after the flight took off i realized why he greeted me that i had got a window which i will write later ;)

While waiting for the flight to arrive, to pass time, i loafed around the visitors lounge with my friends, got to eat some "part of the package" (which comes free with your boarding pass for the flight) sandwich and drank some coffee, both of which tasted bad and are not even worth mentioning.

Spent some more time talking to people till the flight finally arrived at around 2:30PM. Then we all went through the usual security check and such stuff, waited for five more minutes and then boarded the bus (which would take us till the place where the plane was parked) which seemed like an oven!

Finally got into the flight and took seats and lot of general instructions (which were not given only to me of course) and waited for the flight to take off...