Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 2 - Evening...Night - Awards Ceremony with Ashley Powell, Music with DJ Night and Dinner

After the end of the days official presentations and mad-ad videos we headed back to our rooms, to freshen up and come back for the events in the evening. It was a very cool evening and our stage for the evening was on a dock against the backwaters of kumarakom. The party space was attached to the dock itself and the seating arrangements were made all over the dock in groups of 6 chairs forming semicircle. We had a special MC pronounced emcee(Master of Ceremonies : the person who hosts a ceremony) for the evenings Awards Distribution Ceremony.

This guy was a professional emcee named Ashley Powell, he took on the ceremony well, started with a sing along song written about the company and the company's one team one goal principle. Then came along the welcome not for foreign guests and of course all of us following which was the "Awards Ceremony" which everyone had been eagerly waiting for. The restaurant staff had already started serving snacks to the places where people were seated and it had started drizzling a bit in between and stopped after a few seconds. Finally the awards ceremony started after a couple of minutes with Ashley giving an introduction on what the awards were, the award categories and what it takes to be the one receiving an award in each of the categories.

He paused for a brief moment after this and started of the first category "Award for Excellence in Execution of Work", first he explained a bit more about the category and then his talk went on like this to announce the very first award, "This award goes to a person from the Synergy Development Team who has mastered the product and contributed highly in a very short span of time showing excellence in execution of whatever he does, any guesses?" There was silence for a moment and with sudden urge someone from the crowd shouted "Ranga" and many similar shouts followed!

Ashley continued saying "yes, you are right, this award goes to Ranganath Prasannakumar!".

I was in a surge of both sudden shock and excitement for a while since me and my teammates had started working just about 5 months back and these were the annual awards being given and we had no clues that anyone from our team would even get it since there were people from other teams who had worked over the whole of previous year!

It was a great feeling to be called upon the first and given an award, recognition of work gives me the utmost job satisfaction, believe me, it's better than pay ;)

After this the other awards were given out, finally all the awardees had a photo session and then Ashley concluded the awards ceremony and handed over the stage to the DJ at the club house of the resort, the DJ introduced hi8mself as DJ Night!

This is definitely and will forever be a nostalgic moment for me.