Sunday, June 25, 2006

HierarchicalTable - Finally a Work in Progress ;)

Finally started working on the HierarchicalTable component which i wanted to takeup long time ago, that is when i first had a chance to look at it ;)

A Hierarchical Table is a variant of a Tree Table. It can display very complex nested table structures, that is, a row in a table when expanded can show another table as a child node, and the child table can show another child table and so on. This is not only limited to tables and can be used for nesting any regular Java Swing components as children of rows in the TreeTable.

Worked for almost 8 hours continuously on this today and finally got the nesting working, but there's lot more to be done to get it into a proper shape.

Luckily i had a TreeTable already available, else i should have spent a lot of time in creating a TreeTable in the first place since TreeTable has a legendary complexity as far as i know. It's not that easy to write something like a TreeTable, kudos to the guys(Scott Violet and Kathy Walrath of Sun Microsystems) who wrote it :)

The picture below shows an ugly W.I.P.(Worki in Progress) version of what i am developing.

The pictures below show what i want the component to look like once it is full done and functional.