Saturday, February 25, 2006

Create your own ClustrMaps Archive for Free!!!

And when i say it's free, you can believe me!

I don't have a ClustrMap+ account, so my ClustrMaps will not be archived by them, but i wanted a way to retain the daily visitor statistics for my blog! So i went ahead and figured out a cheap reliable way to archive my ClustrMaps!

The solution is to use another blog on Blogger a.k.a. BlogSpot to archive the maps for me... so created another blog called TechNiche ClustrMaps Archive! which only stores the daily ClustrMaps for my blog TechNiche( ;-) the blog on which you are currently reading this post).

Currently i am doing the archiving manually... but also trying to write a php script which can get maps from ClustrMaps and post it to the blog! This script can be either run whenever an update is needed, or put in a cron job to be executed periodically and post the images to the blog in a specified format!

Will post the script here once it is complete!