Saturday, February 25, 2006

Started my singing career!!!

Today is the day which will cherish in my memories forever since i finally started my long awaited career as a *Singer*! I sang as the member of an orchestra troop in a marriage reception ceremony. Sang two songs... First one was my all time favorite, Guru*'s "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas" from the movie "Blackmail" from the 70s, 1973 was the year when that movie was released. The second one was "Danger" from the Kannada movie "Raktha Kanneeru" released in 2003 which is a remake of a Tamil movie "Raktha Kanneer" which was released way back in 1950! :-o

Both songs were received well and i got accolades from the orchestra troop members for Pal Pal after singing which they started thinking that i was a professional and singing for some other troops also!, but later i cleared their doubt and amazed them by saying this was my first ever performance for an orchestra troop! Probably as i see, i would be getting more chances to sing for them from now on! ;-)

I dedicate this achievement to Guru*, since i took singing seriously only after listening to songs sung by him!

*Guru : The legendary Kishore Kumar a.k.a. Kishore Da who is and will be my favorite male singer forever!


Chetan said...

good going mate ... congrats on your first step as singer.

Don said...

thanks maga*

*maga : slang used for the word buddy in bangalore or atleast in my gang!

Anonymous said...

Cool man .. keep going. .. ...