Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting your Avatars from Yahoo!

This one is probably a very good hack as far as i am concerned! and may come in handy to many other people also to get their Yahoo! Avatars. I am sure that it is going to work unless Yahoo! changes it's process of retrieving images/avatars. I had started hacking on getting the flash file of my Yahoo! Avatar yesterday night or rather today early morning around 12:40AM ;-)

I was feeling very sleepy at that time and so could not do any brainstorming on how to get the avatar, but somehow managed to get the image showing the full avatar from Yahoo! servers itself, without doing a screen capture of the avatar which would have been the most feasible, simple and ideal solution.

I will explain the process through which i got the image later ;-) but since i got the image from their server i thought i could put in some logic and get the avatar in different sizes and different file formats! as i did with the images!

Below i have put up all the three sizes of my animated Yahoo! avatars ;-) will explain how to get it from Yahoo! 360° in the next post which i would be posting in a few hours from now, i would have loved to write it now but due to lack of time i am postponing it.

This is the full avatar!

This is the medium sized avatar!

This is the small avatar!

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Srichand Pendyala said...

Are you sure that this isn't in violation of the Yahoo! Terms and Conditions?

Don said...

No Idea...

serendipity said...

Well, a new service allows you to create animated avatars with YOUR very own face!
Newswire: Animations of Faces from Single Photos are now a Reality.

The idea consists in creating facial animated avatars from simple digital face pictures.

Image-me just needs a full front pic of your face and it will create an avatar with the motion track or soundbite you choose. Free demos were available the last time I visited the site.

Mach said...

nice!! awesome discovery

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Yahoo blog is no longer supported in Yahoo Pulse.

Do you have another way of making a GIF exactly like the original animated Yahoo Avatar AVI?

Here is what I have done, but it's still not quite what I want.