Friday, February 10, 2006

Lost in a CUBE!

In my 22 years on earth till date, i have solved Rubik's Cube only once when i was in 7th standard, that's almost 12 years ago! one of my friends had it then. Though i had tried playing it in the software versions available, it gets very boring unless you have the CUBE itself in hand, the presence of a real cube gives more spirit to solve it. Recently bought a cube, found it in a shop where i had gone with one of my buddies to buy something for him... though he ended up buying nothing, i ended up buying a 3x3 Rubik's Cube. I have thrown it on my desk at the office so that i can try solving it whenever i get bored of work, it's proving to be a great stress buster!

I also have a collection(8 of them in 3 different sizes) of high-bouncing balls on my desk which sometimes even my neighbours take along to play, this also proves to be a great stress releiver and serves as a cool eye-candy at the desk. Will post a pic of those sometime.

There's a very good java version of Rubik's cube which can be played online found here.
A similar flash version can be found here.
If you use Konfabulator, there's cube widget available here.

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