Thursday, February 23, 2006

JAnimationShop homepage update and some hacking on Yahoo!'s Animation API!

Incorporated more major changes into the homepage of JAnimationShop, The page now looks somewhat nice with a decent color scheme. The main window can also be moved/dragged around on the page along with all sub-windows which can be moved/dragged around within the main window.

Successfully implemented some JavaScript functions in order to provide minimize/maximize functionality for all these windows! Added buttons which change appearance depending on the state of the window as well as mouseover/out!

This screenshot below shows the current looks of the page...

The minimize buttons which are highlighted in the image, change appearance when mouse comes over them, and chage to an entirely different image on minimizing the window which again changes appearance on mouseover/out! The restore buttons can be seen highlighted in the image below, also some minimized sub-windows can be seen...

Still continuing work to get this page to a Mission Complete state... afterall just a matter of time!