Sunday, February 19, 2006

JAnimationShop gets a Brand new Homepage!

Finally uploaded a homepage for JAnimationShop on This task was pending since ages ;-), hmm,... actually pending for almost 2 years now!

Since i did web design after a very long time, i decided to make it a different type of content presentation, i decided to make the web interface to mimic the user interface of JAnimationShop itself!

The new Homepage can be found HERE. One can play around with the windows displayed(DIVs actually) on the page by dragging them around! For now, the interface has a MOTIF look and feel ;-) since that was the simplest to implemet in terms of color combinations, i am planning to add several other Look and Feel themes analogous to Java Swing!

This is just the initial version, i will add more enhancements in the coming days, i have also decided to start new work on JAnimationShop since the things i was grokking on, Architectural changes for the application and Refactoring of existing code, are almost done ;-)

Below i have put up a screenshots of how the page looks on FireFox and Internet Explorer, again IE messes up the display as usual!

Firefox Screenshot

Internet Explorer Screenshot

Through this i also got a chance to try out the brand new open source AJAX libraries released to public by Yahoo! I have used the Drag and Drop component in the Webpage. Other components released can be found here. All of these components are very easy to use and provide great functionality, but are very heavy-weight implementations!

Well, when you're trying to create things that are new, you have to be prepared to be on the edge of risk. - Michael Eisner