Sunday, March 12, 2006

BSOD Woes!

The very (un)popular "Blue Screen of Death"(BSOD) which Windows users are most familiar with has reigned over the Windows Operating System for a couple of decades now! An average Windows user will see BSOD more times in his life than he sees his wallpaper! This has started hitting time critical systems such as railway reservations, and train schedule displays!

The picture above was taken today by my online buddy "Tommy Quist" at his local train station! The "Centraal Station" (Central Station) of Dordrecht, Netherlands! He sent it to me just now, and i posted it here ;-)

He also sent me a link which shows many pictures of BSOD in most needed informational applications like the above. Check it here.

PS : "Vertrekkende treinen" means "Departing trains" :-o