Sunday, March 19, 2006

Geting Threaded!

Finally after long long [or long double, or unsigned long.. whatever ;-)] delay and several times of postponing, i am going to get Threaded tomorrow!

I mean, my "Sacred Thread Ceremony" is scheduled for tomorrow... check information on what it is here and here.

I am going to be qualified for life as a student or Brahmacharya.

The Sanskrit word Upanayanam is believed to be derived from the word nayanam meaning "eye", prefixed with upa- ("auxiliary"), making for the interpretative meaning: bringing (the ultimate truth nearer in sight)

Will post the snaps sometime later this week, as i am totally tied up today, tomorrow and next two days!

PS : Now, please don't start questioning me about why it got so delayed, after all it should have been done almost 14 years back!

PPS : I am going to be actually single threaded!(one more thread will be added at the time of marriage... ;-)) , Now, c'mon i am famous for my multithreaded way of working after all!