Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Mukthi is a Free and Open Source event, for students, by the student community. This event is facilitated by vrlinug@msrit, the official linux user's group at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology. It is the crown jewel of VRLINUG(yes, we got a website for vrlinug!). Mukthi is intended as a student platform for discussing and exploring the world of free and open source software. It seeks to inspire budding innovators while maintaining a large base of user of free and open source software. Mukthi is targeted mainly at students, in engineering colleges and otherwise although working professionals may attend the same. The numbers after the name indicate the year and month of the event. "6.03" indicates March of 2006. The previous event was labeled "Mukthi 5.11". Click here to see Images from Mukthi 5.11.

Here are some buttons and banners i designed for the event(including the logo on top ;-)), i am posting them now since the event dates are announced, and we have got some good sponsors also ;-)