Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lack of sleep... yet again...

Today, i have a strong feeling of lack of sleep again... even after sleeping(or rather just lying down on my bed) for 12 continuous hours yesterday... but this time the reason for losing sleep is very different from the reasons i mentioned in this post.

I also don't get proper sleep in cases where my thought process starts on some personal issues, which hurt the most, as soon as i hit the bed. For example, in yesterday's case, what would someone feel if a person at office whom you consider a good friend for almost a year, says to your face that "You are Just another colleague"!

In the course of conversation, a chat window opens up on their monitor,
Me : "Whose that?",
Colleague : "That's my friend, my ex-colleague!"
Me : "So your ex-colleagues at least graduate as your friends?"
Colleague : "Not All!"

If my thoughts wake up on some issue like this, I'm done, such thoughts definitely kill my sleep... I still don't understand where/why should me/someone draw a line in between the terms friend and colleague. Till now, i used to consider all my colleagues are my friends... probably i was right, probably i was wrong! i have thought too much on this the whole previous night! but still on an undecided phase... i still don't have an idea how long these thoughts are gonna kill my sleep!

I still don't know why i consider whomever i meet, and whomever i talk to, as good friends immaterial of whether or not they are my schoolmates/collegemates or for the matter of fact, colleagues!

I will definitely quit the company i am working, if any of my colleagues whom i always considered a good friend says, "All my ex-colleagues graduate as my friends!" - Ranganath Prasannakumar(1983- )