Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Looks decided for JAnimationShop site...

Finally started doing more design work for the homepage of JAnimationShop web site! If the link already shows something similar to what is shown above, at least in terms of color :-; , look here for the initial version(this link won't be up until the new design is uploaded to the site) which i uploaded some days ago(read this, this, this and this post!).

The new design i am working on is very Conceptual and Graphical ;-)

The homepage is intended to contain only some Icons(ofcourse with tool tips for the lesser mortals!) and very little text! Clicking on any of these would probably bring up a draggable (if possible, resizable), minimizable/restorable/detachable! (within the page) window with the contents of being fetched on the fly using AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)!

This would help in keeping the homepage light on first load since the whole site is more oriented towards images! So the user will only see the content on demand, and also once the content is loaded, it is cached for further uses if it is static! (this is actually not needed if the user uses minimize to throw the window out of view and uses restore to see it again, anyhow i am planning to restore them on click if they are minimized and actually just display them if they contain static content and are closed, just an issue of DIV visibility)

This design is finalized and being worked upon! Any suggestions to improve it will also be considered.

Also in the new site, i have planned to add a Java Web Start version of JAnimationShop and the old version will serve as a lightweight non-interactive(except for few things like move/minimize/restore/close etc.) demo for the application features!

PS : The screenshot shows the ClustrMaps statistics for JAnimationShop web site, which was loaded using AJAX calls when i clicked on an icon in the page! I have just started on AJAX, and it may take a while for the new version to be up.