Thursday, March 23, 2006

Google CodeJam India Round 1 today at 5:00pm

Round 1 of Google Code Jam India takes place today (Friday, March 24th) at 5:00PM IST(Indian Standard Time) (GMT +5:30). I am anxious as usual! In this round the contestants are expected to solve 3 problems in 75 minutes which is really tough. There is also a Challenge Phase for 15 minutes after the Coding Phase is over. In Challenge Phase, we can pass testcases to others' code and try to break it +50 for a successful challenge and -25 for an unsuccessful one!

Of those who participate in Round 1, the top 250 scores will receive a "Google Code Jam India" t-shirt and up to 50 competitors will be invited to compete in the Championship Round onsite in Bangalore, India on Friday, April 7th, 2006(the location of is yet to be decided).

Hope i reach top 50! :D