Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lack of sleep...

From almost past two weeks i have started losing track of time if i sit in front of a Computer! It's immaterial whether it's office or home, if i am in front of my comp, i don't see time blazing away... And this is causing serious problems!

In the recent times, most days when i sleep late, i feel very uncomfortable the next day, lack of sleep leads to headache due to avoiding sleep at office followed by a strong sensation of nausea... due to which i have to avoid my lunch and sometimes have to avoid even any beverages also.

This reminds me of my past... when i got my first computer, i used to start playing Wolfenstein 3D when i come back from college at 2:30PM and continue till over 3:00AM or even 5:00AM sometimes!

For most of day and night time... I would either be in college or be in front of my Comp! like there was no other place on earth that i knew! But i never used to feel dizzy the next day!

The following are/were the main causes for my legendary stamina for surviving in front of a computer screen!

  • All those late night Fragging sessions on Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, QuakeII, QuakeIII and other FPS games!
  • All those JAVA coding marathons!
  • Long racing sessions on NFS
  • All my experiments with most of the Programming Languages.
  • And finally... a never quenching thirst to always learn something new!
Ok now... time to sleep! Going to Hibernate mode!

>>>Ranga blazes towards his bed... oops comes back to press the "Publish Post" button ;-)