Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mukthi 6.03

6.03 was Awesome! Could not attend the first day of the event, managed to go in on morning of 18th March 2006 and stayed till end of day and witnessed all the talks and events.

The event was a great success and had more than 250 participants from around Bangalore! Some people had even come from Mysore!

Liked Atul Chitnis' talk and Shanker Balan's talk, both were cool, the latter somehow managed to rekindle my long dead interest to try out a BSD system. Srichand's talk was fun! He almost took my head off with a CD when he threw it at me as a a gift for answering a question!

I got a Tee which has the mukthi logo printed on it. I am more than happy to wear it since it looks great and of course i designed the Logo ;-)