Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Out of the three objects in the image above, the first one is the Chakram and the last one is the Shankham the middle one is worn at the center of forehead.

Done! and the process was not that painful as i expected! It was hell for a moment when the hot die touched the skin but cooled down immediately after a special coolant was applied... Now i bear the Shankham on my upper left arm and Chakram on my upper right arm! The wound caused due to the burn heals in a couple of days and only the mark of the sacred emblems remain thereafter... Will post the snaps in a couple of days... off to sleep now, it's already 11:37PM.

PS : The post may show earlier time since i had saved it as a draft at around 9:50PM when i was interrupted to have dinner which i could no way refuse ;-).